Thursday, December 23, 2004

On Being Called Out at Christmas

I have the high honor of winning a major blog award here. It's awarded by EL MOL, one of my life-heroes. However, in response to that award, I want to write this, the one and only self-referential post you'll ever see on this blog. Here are some things about this blog:

- There are no pictures because I don't have the time for that, nor do I think they would elucidate any of the kind of things I have to say. Graphics don't matter much to me; and I read all of your blogs on Bloglines, so I don't see any of your fancy graphics, either.

- There are no links because I don't want to have to manage them constantly, and I don't want people pissed because they are or are not linked.

- There are no books "I'm engaging" because, being a PhD student, the list changes daily.

- I don't use a counter, so I'm not depressed that only 12 of you read this.

- It's on Blogger because it's free and I'm broke.


- Furthermore, other than this and the rare exception, I will not edit my posts. They'll stand as is, for better or for worse. (And I can tell how obsessively some of you edit, cuz every time you republish, it comes up in Bloglines as a new entry)

- I won't get involved in the comments section -- I'll say what I need to say in the actual post.]

Thanks again, EL MOL.


Blogger Sivin Kit said...

Congrats on the award! :-) I was talking to a Christian bookstore managing director friend this morning ... and he said "Ask Tony to come! And Dan Kimball too!" As we said before, we'll see how that can work out.

This post made me think about my own blog.
- Constant pictures uploaded (broadband is good) plus I'm very visual (my Dad is an art director)
- Lots of links partly because I like to connect people to whom ever is energizing me :-)
- I do mention books here and there ... I've got a problem with finishing books though. Buying them is a hobby.
- I can check the visits or hits without using a counter. But, I'm amused with the hits and visits from spammers. So, I no longer care.
- I've got my own domain name and webhosting because it's pretty cheap. And My wife has been a kind financial manager for the family.
Hmm ... starting my Masters next year part-time in 2005 I might be broke soon too! Merry Christmas Tony!

9:58 PM  
Blogger el mol said...

dear tony
let this be a lesson to you . . . this has been the least commented post EVER on your site. dont talk about me . . .it hurts your blog . . . I appreciate it nonetheless . . . however, I must say this . . . this whole site is self referential not just his post

I love you

your life hero


8:05 PM  
Blogger Friar Tuck said...

I read the award on EL MOL and thought it was hillarious (sp). However, I appreciate your blog a lot Tony, and it was because of reading your blog and finding out it was free to publish I have started to blog myself.

Although I am not a Ph.D. candidate, and dont read a new book every day, I thought I could help you out by following your tradition of being self referential and adding a link to my new blog:

1:09 PM  

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