Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What Is Postmodern Biblical Criticism?

In What Is Postmodern Biblical Criticism?, A.K.M. Adam lays out some very helpful (and readable) content on postmodern hermeneutics. For instance, in Chapter One, he uses a three-part typology from Cornel West to explain postmodernism:

Antifoundational: PM “resolutely refuses to posit any one premise as the privileged and unassailable starting point for establishing claims to truth.”

Antitotalizing: PM “suspects that any theory that claims to account for everything is suppressing counterexamples, or is applying warped criteria so that it can include recalcitrant cases.

Demystifying: PM “attends to claims that certain assumptions are ‘natural’ and tries to show that these are in fact ideological projections.”

I am most interested in the new "Disseminary" that he promotes on his blog. Do you think they give tenure?


Blogger Jon said...

i like the new template bro. i spent some time checking out Disseminary and have a couple of thoughts. first thought, i'd much rather get theological training through something like that than being at saint paul in kansas city or any other seminary for that matter. i love their focus on new technology, but it seems they think they can have one person doing technology while they have four or so theologians all of which would integrate their work, but have a specific focus area. the only question i have there is one technology person adequate? it would seem they'd need more than one with rate of new technologies being developed and deployed. i love their view of copyrights for the written work they produce. basically there is no copyright, but it doesn't quite seem to be open source either though i think they would be in favor of it. the only thing that i felt as i was digging around their site is that it still felt like a seminary. almost like a church plant for a seminary. even it would become one, their approach is much better than anything we've got now.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Hey Tony, I'm a youth pastor going to the YS convention in Atlanta and wanted to know if you'd be willing to let me take you out to lunch. I'd like the benefit of being able to talk through some stuff with you. If so, would you email me @ ryanshuping@yahoo.com ...thanks!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aren't these self-referentially incoherent? The Antifoundational typology is foundational! "There are no starting points" is itself a starting point. The Antitotalizing typology is totalizing! "Theories which account for everything are suspect" is itself a theory attempting to account for everything. The Demystifying typology is mystifying! "Natural assumptions are ideological projections" is itself an ideological projection.

9:42 PM  

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