Monday, April 11, 2005

Blog Silence

Life being what it is, I will be ceasing to blog, or to read blogs, until further notice. My comprehensive exams are all-consuming through next September (see this), and Tanner needs my help learning to ride a bike without training wheels. See what I'm saying?

I really like blogging -- I find it an excellent medium for quick, provocative statements about issues theological and otherwise. And it doesn't require footnotes. But it's easier than re-reading about 100 books in the coming months in order to prepare for exams. So the only way for me to end the desire to blog rather than study is to stop for a while.

Not only my family and my studies, but Emergent is demanding more of my time lately. As Doug has said, it's time for us to "get busy" -- we've got to take this thing the next step, and that's going to take some hard work. Family, studies, Emergent, police chaplaincy, writing -- that's a busy enough life for me. Something's got to go, and for now it's Theoblogy.

I will continue to post occasionally on the Emergent-U.S. blog.

I'll be back...