Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Thermometer...

...that you see in the right panel is charting my progress toward completion of a book manuscript. The book is due in early January, so you can see that I have a ways to do. I figure that if I go public, this will raise my chances of finishing on time.

My writing method is to spend a lot of time stewing on the content, thinking, taking notes, and doing background reading -- I did this May-August. Then, when the book is pretty much "written" in my head, I have to bear down and write hard for a couple months -- I'm on my third draft now, having thrown away my first two drafts. I'm in that final stage now, writing the draft that I'll submit to the publisher.

I am fortunate to not suffer from "writer's block" -- when I sit down to write, the words are not a problem. Being disciplined about writing is the real obstacle.

But, as I was told years ago, there's a three-word formula to writing a book: Ass In Chair.

P.S.: New "Friend of Emergent Village" banners will soon be available on the EV website.


Blogger lisa said...

You gave me hives just thinking about writing that many words in two months! Oy! Back to my own ms.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any possibility that you could reveal the general subject of the book?

Keep going Tony, I really enjoy your thoughts and am always challenged by them to work out my own faith in Christ because of them.

1:26 AM  

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