Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Flight Over Here

Seven and a half hours from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, a long walk through the Schipol Airport, then and hour and a half to Capenhagen. As usual, I couldn't sleep at all. And, as usual, I cried at an in-flight movie: Rocky Balboa. As I had read in reviews, it really is a fitting end to that series of movies, a series which sometimes expemplified the worst of 1980s filmmaking. Stallone wrote and directed it, which gives me more respect for him that I'd previously had.

I also watched Casino Royale. As a young boy, I read all of Ian Fleming's novels about James Bond, so I was confused when I watched the movies -- also examples of bad 1980s filmmaking -- like Moonraker. The books were about long card games in exotic locales, while the movies were about guys skiing and shooting at each other with their gun/ski poles. Casino Royale not only parallels the book of the same name, but Daniel Craig is the most kick-ass Bond ever. His chase scene on foot beats any other Bond chase scene in cars. And, he screws up, which other Bonds never did -- it's a Bond who's learning epistemic humility!

PS: Thank God the Phil Yancey -- who has my dream job (author/columnist/speaker) -- is all right.


Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

You're definitely right about Daniel Craig .. I just hope he's now taking some time off to gloat to all the haters who doubted he could pull this off

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