Friday, March 23, 2007

Wanna Canoe... some of the most beautiful lakes in the world? My friends at Boundary Waters Experience have approached Doug and me about leading some canoe expeditions this summer.

Basically, here's the deal: For $695, you get a full week of outfitted and guided paddling in Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the Minnesota-Canada border. But that's not all! You'd also be a part of a 7-person cohort, and there will be discussions around the campfire each night. Doug will be leading one on church planting and leadership, and I'll be leading one on spiritual formation and theology. Plus, we've got a couple others in the works. The date: the week of June 23.

But, honestly, we have no idea if anyone would be interested in such a thing. So, if you are, please email Hillary Hicks in the next couple weeks and let her know: If there's enough interest, we'll get the permits and away we go!

PS: I've been canoing in the BWCAW, and it's truly extraordinary.