Saturday, March 10, 2007

Random Thoughts on Scandinavia

Gas costs $6.32 per gallon.

Fundamentalism -- as we know it in the U.S. -- is not possible here. I don't know if it's the socialism, the media (which simply would not cover fundamentalist leaders), the church-state mix or what, but it just wouldn't work. I asked everyone I could, and they all agreed that American fundamentalism will never take root in northern Europe. Pentecostalism? Yes. Conservative evangelicalism? To be sure. But not fundamentalism.

No one is obese. I saw nary an obese person in a whole week.

Among men, horizontally-striped shirts are popular. We wear only vertical stripes in the States. They say that vertical stripes are slimming. So I guess this is related to the last item.

The beauty of a hairstyle is definitely in the eye of the beholder. There is no stronger argument for the contextualization of beauty than the Euro Mullet.

Other than the horizontal stripes and the mullets, I felt very much at home here.


Anonymous Simon (cheese danish) said...

What in the world is wrong the euro mullet:)
You should really start to wear some horizontal stripes (not a t-shirt with your flag). You would look so much better...

1:23 AM  
Blogger TS Harrison said...

If gas was $6.32 a gallon here in the U.S. I would imagine the obesity rate to decrease.
We'd probably be riding bikes or walking everywhere we went.

Actually I take that back. The reason I bought my 10 mpg SUV, for roughly $50,000, was to haul my fat ass around.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Studenterpr√¶st said...

Tony you forgot - there is also 180% taxes on cars - free hospitals, doctors and schools are payed by us car owners


3:12 PM  

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