Monday, February 09, 2004

There's a free book in it for the first person who finds this blog and emails me. [Update: Too late, I went public before anyone found it on their own]
60 Minutes last night was really disappointing -- they basically equated evangelicals with people who believe in the Rapture. In other words, evangelical = fundamental dispensationalist. I mean seriously, who really believes in the Rapture? You know who? People (men) who stand to make a lot of money by selling books or running churches that cater to afraid people.

Where's the hope in that? Where's the anticipation of God's New Creation. Peter Gomes of Harvard did a fine job, but he didn't show how dispensationalism is misguided -- and it's not that hard to show that very thing.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Far be it from me to disagree with Brian McLaren, but I will take friendly issue with his latest emergent/c newsletter on two notes:

1) He says that, as far as he knows, little or no postmodern theology has been done. In fact, David Tracy at the University of Chicago has been attempting to deal with the postmodern challenge...Stacey Johnson here at Princeton has attempted to reinterpret Barth in light of postmodernism...indeed, in 1985, Johann Baptist Metz published a book entitled The Emergent Church: THE FUTURE OF CHRISTIANITY IN A POSTBOURGEOIS WORLD. In many ways, Tracy's "revised correlational" method, and Metz's liberation theology are both postmodern theologies.

2) Ultimately, I don't think we need to be writing theology in "post-modern-ese." I think we need to "do" theology that is grounded in praxis and deals with the challenges presented by postmodern theory and the postmodern situation.

More on all of this in future posts...

Other than that, I agree with Brian's warnings about being careful of this "movement" and of the vanity of trying to start "emerging churches."