Friday, January 06, 2006

I've written a piece on Emergent for Next Wave

You can find it here.


Blogger Derek said...


In your article you mentioned cohorts around the nation. Do you know of any in the Atlanta/Marietta, GA area? If so, how might I contact them?

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A well painted picture (apart from the photoshop job on your photo - makes you look like the guitarist from the shadows!)

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I didn't know where else to post this. I sent it to you via Emergent Village, but it bounced back--mail box over quota.

It's about emergent's new logo:

Mark Bushor

6:56 AM  
Blogger David Drury said...

Hey Tony. You mentioned the following in your Next-Wave article: "let me know if you’re working on a book that you’d like to have considered!"

Okay, I'll take the bait:

I've got a few book projects I'm currently working on but one that might fit with your publishing angle would investigate what it means to lead a missional community in the postmodern world.

The concept would revolve around what I'd call "Open Source Leadership." There are many parallels to the open sourcing of so many sectors of life today, with the Internet being the most obvious. I believe the most Kingdom-effective leaders of the next few decades in the church will be those who open up their decision-making “source code” and create vision by community rather than solo or by committee.

Anyway, if you want to dialogue about it e-mail me at

-David Drury
Author of "The Fruitful Life"

1:46 PM  
Blogger Creitz said...

Great article. You actually confused me in parts of it, though. I have been planting what I consider to be a church that is part of the emerging church movement. I am Southern Baptist, but our church and our church planting method doesn't fit in anyone else's models or categories. That's primarily what made me consider our church "emergent". We also are "unlearning church" and breaking down the walls that stand between the traditional church and culture while standing firm on Biblical principles. So when you mention in your article that Emergent is different from the emerging church movement it confused me.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't come across wrong through the blogosphere, but the way Emergent was portrayed in your article, it sounded a little bit like an emerging church movement think tank without the tank, which is fine if there is more of the movement and less of the thinking. I have no reason to think this about what you wrote about, I just want to comment that I hope we don't rebel against the "good old boys" of the traditional churches while creating our own group of "good old boys". This may not be even close to happening and I may not be making sense, but can you clarify my thinking? I would enjoy an email from you or you can just reply to this comment I suppose. My email is Thanks for helping me sort through all of this.

9:59 PM  

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