Friday, January 20, 2006


I actually don't preach very often, although I have a couple opportunities to do so this winter. Last Sunday, I was afforded the great opportunity to preach at UBC-Waco. It was the 11th birthday of UBC, having been founded by Chris Seay those years ago. It's also the home church of the David Crowder Band, and he and the boyz were there on Sunday. They've been home for a couple months.

It's also, unfortunately, the church that is now infamous for the tragic death of Kyle Lake in the baptistry at their church. I was, in fact, scheduled to go duck hunting with Kyle, MOL, and Scott ("I am Relevant") Gornto last Saturday. The duck hunting never happened, and I was asked by Ben Dudley at UBC to preach when I was in town.

The church is now temporarily meeting at the Waco Hippodrome, a great old theater with lots of character. Crowder led off the morning with the Beatles' "Happy Birthday," followed by three or four songs. I took the stage and preached for a bit too long. Most importantly, I hope, I brought greetings and love from Emergent churches around the country who continue to grieve at the loss of Kyle.

After the service, I had BBQ lunch with Dave, Ben, Jen Lake, and a few others.

All in all, it was a bittersweet time, and I'm glad to count those people as my friends.


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i've also had the chance to spend some time in waco with some of the same people you've mentioned and i echo your sentiment. what a great group of people and i'm very glad to have them as friends. i hope all is well tony.

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